Posted by Jennifer on Jun 23rd 2020

1. Do you have this item? You need to go to the web site and at the top right there is a "search" button. Click that and type what you are looking for. I promise I am not hiding any items in my shop. EVERYTHING I have is on the web site.  If an item is out of stock you can sign up for in stock notification by simply adding your email.  Once the item is here you will receive an email.   

2. When does my order ship? All online craft supply and fashion accessories orders are shipped within 2-3 days. Can take longer if you order a lot of custom leather sheets.  Business hours do not include weekends or holidays. Please contact us directly for more information if you need your order expedited or for overnight shipping.  If you are ordering leather that is printed in house those can take 5-7 days to sip.

3. Can I add to my order? 

This is asked DAILY and the answer is not at this time. Adding to an already placed item just makes all order backed up. So you will have to place a separate order.

4. My order says delivered, but I don't have it? Jennifer’s Goodies Galore is not responsible for the package once it has been turned over to USPS. If there are any questions or concerns about your package after it has been shipped, please contact the post office for any assistance or tracking questions.

5. Will you be getting more of item "xyz"? Maybe. I order items that I think sell good. All I can tell you to do is keep checking back. If you desperately need an item I am more that happy to order that item for you, you will have to pay for it up front so I am not stuck with an item I did not need.

6. Why is shipping so high? I wish it could be cheaper, but you can thank the United States Post Service for those prices. All items are shipped according to weight.  Any package over 15oz will be shipped priority mail.

6. What's the wholesale price? All my prices are pretty low. I look at other competitors and I think I'm pretty fair on my pricing. Plus if you spend $50 you get an automatic discount. So no you will not get a special price if you buy 10 or more because trust me people will buy 50 or more and never ask for a special price. And NO I cannot go down on the price of the Designer Ribbon. I am contracted to sell that at a minimum.

7. Can I get this image printed on leather? Why yes you can, as long as the image does not go against the rules I have in place in the link.   Here is the link to order that.  All customs are printed vertical and a scattered formation.  The images you provide are scaled to .75-1".   If you need something other than that you need to contact me ahead of placing the order because that is extra $$.

8.  How do I redeem my rewards points?  You must be logged into your account on the web site.Once on the web site there is a pink button on the bottom left of the screen, click on that.If you have an account already for the rewards program log in.IF you do not have an account you must create one.Once you a logged in it will say how many points you have.Once you reach 500 points you will be given a $10 coupon to apply to your order.

9. Is your ribbon wired?  No I do not carry or stock wired ribbon.

10. How do I use my store credit?   If you have a store credit you must be signed in to your account and the credit is applied automatically to your order.  If you are checking out as a guest that credit will not be applied.