Wholesale Hair Bows

Jennifer's Goodies Galore is your-one-stop-shop for wholesale hair bows for all your DIY crafts and hair accessories needs!

Whether you're buying wholesale hair bows in bulk for a dance team, looking for a cute accent for a headband, or want to add flair to a blanket or pillow, you can find a hairbow to fit your needs at Jennifer's Goodies Galore. Our selection of DIY hairbows is constantly being updated to reflect the latest hair bow and fashion accessory trends at competitive wholesale prices. Our wholesale hair bows are sold individually, unless otherwise noted, and are generally made from soft chiffon, lace, felt, or leather material.

The DIY wholesale hair bows from Jennifer's Goodies Galore can be added to a hair clip, headband, or elastic to create hair accessories from funky to formal styles. You can also use chiffon DIY hair bows as shoe embellishments, bag or purse accents, and more! When you purchase hair bows wholesale, you have the opportunity to really tailor your hair bows to fit your unique style without paying retail prices. You might add some sparkle to your DIY hair bows with a rhinestone center, or perhaps you'll choose to wear your hairbow "as is" your for a simple, yet elegant look. No matter what style, color, or design preference you require, you'll find the perfect wholesale hair bows to match.

Our DIY hair bows include multiple options of hair bow fabrics including, but not limited to lace hair bows, leather hair bows, felt hair bows, burlap hair bows, glitter hair bows, metallic or sequin hair bows, chiffon hair bows, and more!

Our Vast Inventory of Wholesale Hair Bows are Perfect for Everyone:

Buy wholesale hair bows in bulk for sports, dance, or cheer teams

Use DIY hair bows to create adorable baby headbands 

Create fun DIY hair accessories with wholesale hairbows for children and adults alike

Attach bows to bags, purses, hats, and outerwear to create a personalized style

Purchase our beaded hair bows for bridal accessories and wedding decor

Try wholesale lace or chiffon hair bows for pageants and formal events

Sew fabric bows on to pillows, blankets, and other home decor

Find cheap hair bows online for every occasion at with the incredible wholesale hairbow collection at Jennifer's Goodies Galore, and upgrade your DIY hair accessories today!