Wholesale Ribbon

Wholesale Ribbons

Discover Wholesale Ribbon & US Designer Ribbon for Every Occasion at Jennifer's Goodies Galore!

Jennifer's Goodies Galore sells wholesale ribbons for DIY craft projects and to add style to your fashion accessories. If you are looking for quality ribbons, our online ribbon inventory boasts the most comprehensive selection of both standard ribbons and US Designer ribbon wholesale, with countless options of styles, prints, textures, and ribbon fabrics. All of our wholesale high quality ribbons and specialty US Designer ribbon, (USDR), are created with the highest quality standards, so you can rest assured that your ribbons are made to last, with minimal fraying or color fading. When you order our wholesale ribbon--specifically our US Designer ribbon--you have the opportunity to purchase rare designs that are printed only for a limited time at wholesale pricing! That means that when you find a ribbon design you love, order it fast, before it's gone for good!

High Quality Ribbon Options For Every Occasion

Our wholesale ribbon is a great option for DIY crafters who need ribbon in bulk for dance teams, pageants, larger craft projects, bridal accessories, DIY headbands, and more. There is a ribbon for every occasion at Jennifer's Goodies Galore, whether you are looking for a special character graphic on your US Designer ribbons or a specific color or pattern on your standard wholesale ribbon, you'll find the ribbon you're looking for. Maybe you'll even stumble across some ribbon designs you weren't looking for, but can't live without!

The Functionality of Our Ribbons

Each type of ribbon we offer at Jennifer's Goodies Galore can serve a different purpose depending on how you cut it. For example, Hot Cut Ribbon is great for finishing the edges of your projects or as an accent, while Sheer Ribbon is perfect for tying bows because of its natural curl. If you're looking for something to add dimension to your project, try Grosgrain Ribbon or Velvet Ribbon, both of which are available in a variety of colors and styles. If you can't find what you're looking for among our online ribbon inventory, please contact us so that we can help you find the right ribbon for your project!

Our Ribbon Options

We provide standard wholesale ribbon and specialty US Designer ribbon for every personality, occasion, age, and style preference. We offer a variety of fabric ribbons, take a look at some of our fantastic ribbon options for the following themes and more:

Character Ribbon

Dance /Cheer Ribbon

Glitter Ribbon

Holiday Ribbon

School Ribbon

Princess Ribbon

Sports Ribbon

Patterned Ribbon (Chevron print, polka dots, floral print, etc)

US Designer Ribbon

A Wide Variety, Catered Just For You!

From whimsical to sassy, cartoons to inspirational messages, sheer ribbons to satin ribbons, you can find wholesale ribbons at Jennifer's Goodies Galore to suit all your desires for any fashion accessories or crafting endeavors! Jennifer's Goodies Galore is an industry leader in all things crafts, so you won't go wrong getting in touch with Jennifer Olson to ensure that your next project is perfect! Contact us today to learn more about all of the unique crafting goods available to you!