Planar and 3D Resins Wholesale

Find unique planar resin wholesale at Jennifer's Goodies Galore that you can't find with any other online craft suppliers!

Jennifer's Goodies Galore provides DIY crafters the opportunity to purchase hard-to-find planar resin wholesale for classroom activities, scrapbooking, hair bows and DIY headbands, and more! We guarantee that our planar resins are the highest quality, and that our inventory of planar resin is constantly updating to add new designs and themes. Planar resins incredibly popular in the DIY crafting world because they are incredibly simple to use. All you need is a hot glue gun and a few wholesale planar resins for a great crafting experience that can be enjoyed by all ages! Check out our special supply of character planar resin for a selection of the most popular Disney,Warner Brothers, and additional popular movie and cartoon characters to create fun craft items for your child and their friends. Looking for a great way to spruce up the holidays? Try our holiday character planar resin to create fun holiday crafts and gifts that include planar resins ranging from spooky ghosts to friendly reindeer!

How Can I Use Planar Resin?

Simply glue wholesale planar resin onto hair accessories to make a fun hair bow center, hair ties, or DIY headbands

Place planar resin cabochons onto rings, earrings, necklaces, lockets, and pendants

Use holiday planar resin or character planar resin to create fun scrap book pages

Use character planar resin to make fun DIY kids' gifts

Glue wholesale planar resin to picture frames, cellphone cases, and more, as a fun embellishment

Use for entertaining as cupcake toppers or for card making

The possibilities are endless with planar resin wholesale from Jennifer's Goodies Galore!

When You Order Planar Resin Wholesale from Jennifer's Goodies Galore, Please Note: 
You will receive TWO Planar Resins.
Planar resin colors may vary slightly from what is shown in the photo due to monitor settings and other variability in taking the photos.