Jul 10th 2020

Here are your coupon codes: SAVE5 - when you spend $50 SAVE10 - when you spend $100 SAVE15 - when you spend $150 SAVE20 - when you spend $200 These codes must be entered at ch … read more


Posted by Jennifer on Jul 8th 2020

After much consideration I will no longer be printing anything that is "controversial". This includes anything that is going on in the media that is causing hate between our country. This includes … read more

Can I add to my order?

Posted by Jennifer on Jun 23rd 2020

This is asked DAILY and the answer is not at this time.   Adding to an already placed item just makes all order backed up.   So you will have to place a separate order. … read more


Posted by Jennifer on Jun 23rd 2020

1. Do you have this item? You need to go to the web site and at the top right there is a "search" button. Click that and type what you are looking for. I promise I am not hiding any items in my shop. … read more

Supplies from manufractures

Posted by Jennifer on Jun 12th 2020

Welcome!   I just wanted to take a quick moment of your time to let you know that I appreciate all of you!.    I on occasion will order bulk items for customers and charge who … read more