8x11", Designer Synthetic Leather, Custom Leather Sheets, Pink Drip Leather, Drip Leather, #67

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8x11", Designer Synthetic Leather, Custom Leather Sheets, Pink Drip Leather, Drip Leather, #67

These leather sheets are printed here in my studio once the order is placed.  Printing time can be 2-3 days (typically earlier).  The sheets are 8x12 or 9x12 depending on the supplier (I use two suppliers).  Some sheets may be centimeters off from the exact 12" in length because of the way they were cut.  These sheets will be printed and shipped 24 hours after being printed.   There may be a slight odor to the leather sheets because of the ink, but this does go away after being aired out. Due to the differences in monitors there may be slight color differences due to lighting.

Type of material:

Vinyl: It's not thin and it's not thick and stiff.It's soft yet very durable. It's got a slight stretch to bend nicely around corners. The fabric is easy to sew, staple and stretch. It's UV treated and mold and mildew resistant making it the perfect vinyl for outdoor and indoor use. It's CPSIA Compliant which means it's lead free and safe for kids and every day use. 

Faux Leather: Faux leather is exactly what it sounds like – fake, artificial, or synthetic leather.  Faux leather is a little more stiff than vinyl with no stretch. 

Fine Glitter:   Sheets are much thinner than the faux leather.  Glitter is thoroughly adhered to fabric, and will not come off easily  The back is a canvas white back.

Patent Shiny Leather: Patent leather is a type of leather characterized by having a very clear, shiny, polished surface.

There are no refunds, exchanges, or returns for custom printed sheets.

Once you have received the leather, please inspect.  If you feel it is good quality and you resell the item or alter the item in any way and sell to another person I am no longer liable.


Synthetic Leather is a "general use product" and therefore is EXEMPT from CPSIA testing.