Silicone Beads

Our silicone focal beads offer endless options for craft projects. We love using them to make: beaded pens & pencils, keychains, backpack tags, zipper pulls, bracelets, necklaces, bookmarks and more.  Silicone beads are made from food-grade silicone, a material known for its durability, flexibility, and safety. These beads are free from BPA, PVC, phthalates, and other harmful substances, making them an ideal choice for crafting projects that involve items for children, such as teething necklaces and sensory toys

Silicone Beads Crafting Project Ideas

With a variety of silicone beads and techniques at your disposal, there are endless possibilities for crafting projects. Here are some ideas to inspire your creativity:

Teething Necklaces

Create stylish and functional teething necklaces for babies and toddlers. Use larger beads in various shapes and colors, ensuring they are evenly spaced for optimal chewing and sensory stimulation. Always incorporate a safety breakaway clasp to prevent accidents.

Sensory Toys

Design engaging sensory toys by combining silicone beads with other elements such as wooden rings or textured fabrics. These toys can provide both tactile and visual stimulation, making them perfect for young children's development.

Adult Jewelry

Craft fashionable bracelets, necklaces, and earrings using smaller silicone beads in intricate patterns and designs. Mix and match various bead shapes and colors to create unique, eye-catching pieces that suit your personal style.

Keychains and Bag Charms

Add a pop of color and fun to your keys or bags by creating silicone bead keychains and bag charms. Combine different bead sizes, shapes, and colors to create one-of-a-kind accessories that showcase your personality.

Home Décor

Incorporate silicone beads into your home décor projects for a playful touch. Create colorful garlands to drape over mantels or hang in children's rooms. Alternatively, design custom coasters or napkin rings for a whimsical addition to your dining table.