Synthetic Leather & Liverpool Fabric

Synthetic Leather is a "general use product" and therefore is EXEMPT from CPSIA testing.

Synthetic leather is not for use by children.

Synthetic Leather can be cut with regular scissors or with a craft cutting machine. It can be embroidered, glued or sewn.

When reordering solid leather sheets, the sheet color may vary slightly from order to order.  As the supplier can sometimes change their color slightly.   

The faux leather can be used for embroidery or crafting projects. It is commonly used to make hairbows, key fobs, purses, headbands, bookmarks, wallets, shoes, notebook planner covers, and scrapbooking- to name a few.

Each sheet has a soft woven like backing. This is NOT HTV vinyl. It is not the kind of vinyl that you can apply to apparel/etc with a heat press or iron. It will melt with high heat application. The vinyl can be spot cleaned on the printed side

Pattern is hand cut and may vary in direction it is cut from what is shown.  Colors may vary slightly due to different monitors.

**No refunds, returns or exchanges! In the event that a printed sheet arrives defective (not due to damage in transit- seller is not responsible for this). Upon proof of defect- seller reserves the right to make a partial refund (as the sheet can be used around the defect). Seller will NOT send a replacement as the costs would be far too excessive in comparison to the price paid for the sheet.**

Once you have received the leather, please inspect.  If you feel it is good quality and you resell the item or alter the item in any way I am no longer liable.